I quit my job.


I quit my job.  My last day of work is May 31st.  Awesome.

This isn’t really news.  Not to me or my wife or my close family members.  But it’s a first for me to say it in “public.”  You may think to yourself, “Alright you quit.  What job are you going to?”

I’m not.

It gets worse.

I am leaving to write.  I’m departing to create something.  I have a plan…but everyone does.  What makes me different?  Nothing.  That’s it though isn’t it?  I know what my faults are, I know where I stand in this world, and I know what I can and cannot do.  I know I’m far from perfect and I may not be the best writer in the world, but I love it.  I love pouring words onto pages to make characters I know or scenes that only appear in my head.  It’s a fantastic feeling.

A really great man that taught philosophy who has since passed told me many things.  I think the following applies well here, ‘the wisest man in the world knows he isn’t.’  Greatest teacher I ever had.  I owe many things in my life to him; the way I handle myself and how I approach things are a direct result of knowing this man.

Alright back to the non-working situation.  My wife, fully supportive of everything I’m doing has to be the absolute best wife in the world.  I know a lot of people say that, but the job she will continue to work…well I can’t say anything directly about it or where it is, but I know how hard it can be sometimes.  I should know I’m leaving that place in 24 days.  Which makes her all the more amazing for understanding why now is the time to do this (Aside: It was ‘time to try this,’ and then I remembered Yoda.  Do or do not, there is no try.  That guy knew his shit.  End of aside).  We have an apartment with affordable rent and through planning financially, and being very fortunate, we have almost no bills except regular utilities and some extras.  We have no kids and I just turned 30 this past February.  I would like to think I have skill in the art of writing.  Sometimes I get in my own way but I want this to be my life.  I want it to be my career.  I’m truly shooting for the highest peak I can reach creatively speaking.  I have plenty of things I plan to do from writing to making movies and anything else creative.

I’m not looking to be a millionaire though.  I just want a life where my wife doesn’t have to work anymore.  Don’t mistake that for anything other than what it is.  My wife is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  She deserves to take some time off.  I intend to give that to her.

This got, quite a bit sappier that I intended to.  But there it is.  I’m listening to Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, and something about this song (she knows the one) inspired me to write.  So here I am, continuing this blog of…hell it’s a diary almost isn’t it?  That’s basically what this is.  Well whatever, I like to write and here I am.  Hopefully you enjoy what I have to say.  Sometimes my attempt at humor is funny only to me.

I always say to my wife, and it would be nice to know if people share this sentiment.  If I can affect one person in a positive way, than I feel like I have done something.  It doesn’t have to be super-massive, it can be as simple as enjoying the read.  For now, I bid you adieu.

Do something good.


5 thoughts on “I quit my job.

  1. I think that is awesome. Most people fear doing it and others wish they could (including me). I look forward to reading your work. Maybe in 2 years when I turn 30 I can do the same or at least work part-time in order to focus more on writing.

    • Thank you! I think the planning I’ve done has helped negate the fear of branching out and doing something new. It was a decision I’ve been planning in my head for a long time but in reality started coming together late 2012.

      If I can offer any advice it would be to plan your future. I don’t mean 30 years although you could do that, but set a reasonable goal. Make yourself save over the next two years and see where you stand. Maybe with some planning you can work a part time job and use your extra time to focus on writing.

      Above all else, don’t focus on only what’s happening now. Look beyond what you have right now and focus on something to reach for.

      Thank you again for reading.

  2. Congrats on following your dream! Most people put theirs on a shelf and never go back for it! Find something you love to do and you will be successful. Perhaps not in terms of what the world views as success but instead of what it means to you ( what is written on your heart). All the best to you!

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