Why Do We Still Have Awards for Music Videos?


Do they still make music videos for television?  There is no sarcasm in that sentence, it’s a legit question.  I see music videos, they exist still; I watch them whenever I want, but not on television.  I watch them on my phone, my desktop, or on the occasion my laptop if I’m feeling a bit mobile inside my apartment.

However I do not watch them on TV.  I did, once upon a time, long ago.  I know, “They don’t play videos” is a common dig at MTV, but I have no idea if they do anymore.  I don’t watch MTV, and I know I’m not the target demo, but I have not seen a video on MTV in years.

Do they play hours of videos when no one is watching?  Do young teens still call MTV to request videos? (Aside: You have to be a certain age to get that reference, and if you do; congratulations.)

Tonight is the annual MTV Video Music Awards.  Number 29, and out of 16 categories, I like one video.  That one video is Mumford & Sons, I Will Wait.  It’s an excellent video, with live performance and roaring fans.  Shouldn’t that be what music is about?  Yet the video is up for one award, best Rock Video (Even though they are classified as Folk Rock, I guess it’s all the same, right?).  The same five songs are up for Video of the Year.  Well, that’s harsh; they just sound like the same songs to me. (Aside: This year the event is emanating from Brooklyn NY, so the song ‘No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn’ has been playing non-stop.   Fun note, that song is a quasi-homage to heavy metal music, which is absent from these awards.)

I listened to each Video of the Year nominee, just to make sure I wasn’t missing something.  I wasn’t.  And guess what?  I watched them on, a website!  Why is a channel, called Music Television, giving out awards for videos that people can watch anywhere besides TV?  It’s 2013; we may as well have a YouTube Video Award show. (I hope someone really important isn’t reading this, because we don’t need another award show.  Shit, they did already?)

I won’t be watching them, mainly because I have no stock in anything they are awarding (minus that one song above), and the live performances aren’t enticing to me.  The one thing I, or WE may watch, is if some group called ‘N Sync shows up.  Then and only then will I turn it on, half because of my wife, and half to see how Justin Timberlake would have ended had he stayed with them, instead of going on his own and becoming the greatest host to ever host SNL (Jon Hamm is a close second).

I’ll see who the winners are, tomorrow, on the internet.  For now, I’ll go listen to some Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, or some Mumford & Sons.  Maybe even Johnny Cash, or Bob Dylan, two people who survived without videos.

Do something good.


One thought on “Why Do We Still Have Awards for Music Videos?

  1. Glad you mentioned Mumford and Sons. I haven’t seen their video and would never have watched the MTV Music Awards had you not mentioned they would be on! That would be the only reason I would tune in!

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