Don’t Vote.



The government shut down recently, not sure if you heard.  Just the fun parts like national parks and museums.  Police will still protect and serve, fire fighters will still save you from infernos, and you will still get Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons in the mail.

I’ve thought about this topic, and how ridiculous it is.  It is political in nature, which I would rather stay away from.  However, over the past few moons I remembered something I have always wanted to say in relation to our United States government.

Don’t Vote.

Stop voting in elections.

Before you go ballistic with clichéd voting phrases, (I’ve been beat over the head the last twenty years with them.) keep in mind a couple key elements.  I live in mid-state New York.  My voice isn’t heard, it never will be in New York.

My vote does not matter.

The recent presidential election; I voted for Gary Johnson.  Who?  Exactly.  It doesn’t matter.

Secondly, why must it always be the same?  It is always the lesser of two evils, and I’m sorry but that isn’t much of a choice to me.  Don’t bring up what ‘this president’ did in 1936, or what ‘the commander-in-chief said’ in 1967.  It’s 2013, and all we have to choose from is a bunch of shit, covered in shit.

How else can anyone explain why congress, and the senate, and the president, and whoever else we voted for, let this happen?

When people don’t like a new television show, the only way to make it go away is to stop watching.  The ratings decline, sponsors don’t pay for advertisements, and the show gets cancelled.  In sports, you don’t like what your team is doing, or how a league is handling drug issues?  Stop giving them money.

If you don’t like what your government is doing, don’t vote.  Don’t give them your attention, how else will the very best we have, rise up and do something about it?  Voting turn out is at an all-time high, yet no one seems happy with the results.

I want to vote, but I want to vote for someone I actually care about.  Someone I can look up to, or actually believe in.  Just once in my lifetime, I want to see someone stand up, tell America they are running for president, governor, or senator, and actually believe they give a damn.  I want to see someone not outright attack their opponent just because, “That’s how it’s always been done.”  I want to see, just once, someone not pander to the ‘red states’ or ‘blue states.’

Talk to all of us.  We’re all Americans.  We all want what is best. (Okay, like 90% want what’s best.)

I understand it is your right to vote.  Take five minutes and think for yourself, and think what you actually want.  Do you want to see two people, equally clueless, argue and battle for our fictitious affection?  You will listen to them for months talk about healthcare, immigration, nuclear power, and taxes.  Then we will never hear them mention any of it again unless a problem pops up.  Instead we will be inundated with constant arguing over which side of the aisle is right, when really, they are both wrong.  Is that what you want to pick from, just because you have the right?  Sounds like a terrible idea to me.


As Always,

Do something good.


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