The Sound of Music Travesty: Fan Reactions

Not Julie Andrews

Comedy on the internet is common.  Great comedy is not.  This little blog post will be different than my normal entries.  One of my favorite types of comedy is absurd sarcasm.

To give you an idea of where I’m going with this, it would behoove you to head over to and read an article or twenty.

Last night was the live stage rendition of The Sound of Music, starring Carrie Underwood and Vampire Bill.  This is a report on fan reactions to the revival.


NEW YORK – Riots have been reported in many cities across the United States. The cause of this behavior has been linked to NBC’s The Sound of Music.  Georgia native Dick Richards, 73, claims it was not Julie Andrews playing the lead of Maria von Trapp.  “When that girl started to sing, it was pretty clear it wasn’t Mrs. Andrews.  She had a lovely voice, but it wasn’t my Julie.”  When Mr. Richards was probed for further comment he exclaimed, “They thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did!  They can’t trick Soundies.”  Mr. Richards declined additional comments, claiming he had cars to ignite in flame with his granddaughter.

Further complaints rolled in that it was in fact, not Julie Andrews playing the lead.  “How can they do this?  This is the worst possible thing that has ever happened in the history of the universe,” screamed Peggy Margaret, resident of Pine Hill, Washington.  “Plus they hired a vampire to play Captain Georg von Trapp!  What’s next, Vampire Mary Poppins?  Maybe they should do a Vampire Queen Lillian from Shrek 2?  At the very least, they had the original children from the film.”

“Some things should not be remade, ever,” says the entire internet.  “That’s all Hollywood does these days, remake movies because they have no original ideas.  I heard they are remaking The Mighty Ducks 2, skipping completely over the first one.”  When we followed up with the internet on the fact a play existed before The Sound of Music was on film, the only reply was, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

In Toronto, local shop owner Hank Plummer had this to say.  “Did they even attempt to film on location?  It looked like they were on a sound stage the entire time.  And that girl they hired to play Julie Andrews, where did she come from?  Did she win a contest or something?”  At that point, Mr. Plummer began rambling about his older brother making it while he was stuck in Toronto.

A final word was given from the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  “This is a sad day in history; we have lost a great man in Nelson Mandela.”  When reminded he was asked about The Sound of Music Travesty, as it has become known to the internet, he simply shook the hands of our crew, took off his mic, dropping it to the floor, yelling, “We out.”


I should note that I enjoyed NBC’s showing of The Sound of Music.  This was a reaction to the overreaction across the internet.

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