I’m Nothing


I’m nothing.

That is an answer to a question, not a dip in my self-esteem.

The question can be interchanged with a variety of words, but deep down it’s really the same.

“Are you Democrat or Republican?”

“What religion are you?

“Are you pro-choice or pro-life?”

“Do you believe in the death penalty?”

I could go on forever.  It seems people want to know one thing.

“Are you in the same group as me?”

Even that question can be exchanged for another.  Do we like the same things?  Do we agree on the same policy?  Does it matter?  I know that I differ in opinion with many close people in my life, and yet life goes on.

This topic is therefore, as most of them are, for me.  It’s a declaration to someone reading this, as much as it is to me.  I don’t like group thinking.  That’s not so much of an opinion as it is a fact.  I don’t work well in groups; I don’t want to join assemblies where everyone shares the same idea.

And here, we, go:

I’m not an atheist.  I also don’t believe in god.  I believe what I want with facts and information, not what someone tells me to think.  Atheism is turning into its own religion (hence the –ism), and a pretty nasty one at that.  They have meetings, put up billboards, and ask for donations.  They tend to verbally attack anyone who disagrees with them.  Sound like any other groups?  Don’t get all high and mighty religious folk, especially when you still think a God lives up in the sky.  I know we all want Thor (or Loki), God of Thunder, to be real, but let it go.

I’m not a republican or a democrat.  I agree and disagree with both sides.  I’m forced to be registered as an independent so I can vote if I find a reason to (unlikely anytime soon).  The idea someone would vote party, for no other reason than, “Because they said so,” hurts my brain.  Even the states have been split into Red vs. Blue, more groups!

I think there was a purple state once, but I’m sure a Republican called it gay, and a Democrat over explained why it was ok to be gay, and they each spent a billion dollars trying to prove their side of it. (Note; historical information unavailable.)

The internet thinks it has two groups, but it doesn’t.  It’s a giant pile of slop, and a few hundred people here and there can peak through sometimes, but not often.  The internet has been at war with joy the last decade.  It’s gotten so bad that if you even consider liking a movie the internet doesn’t, be prepared for a shit storm of comments.  I was once told, because I didn’t loathe Transformers, that I must just be a fan of shitty movies.  No actual information accompanied that, other than more people berating the same fact over and over again.  There is always a moment when someone, who has never written anything in their life, criticizes a screenplay.  It’s glorious.

It got a little dark there at the end, but it’s just another group I have no desire to belong to.  I think marijuana should be legal, but I also don’t want the government involving themselves too much.

Just to round out a few more groups for fun; Fed-Ex and UPS both suck.  I have a Mac Book and a PC.  I stay away from Pepsi and Coke, I drink tea.

I probably seem like a nihilistic asshole.  I can understand, and I think my bluntness comes across that way at times.  I probably seem like I don’t believe in anything.  In most cases that may be true, but…

“…If I believe in one thing… just one thing… I believe in her!”


As always,

Do Something Good.


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