Super Bowl XLVII


Is Peyton Manning the best of all time?

If you were to ask the media surrounding Super Bowl week, it depends if he wins the game.

I disagree.  Judging a player by how many Super Bowl championships they have won is an archaic measurement.  By that logic, Peyton Manning is as good as Brad Johnson.

This Sunday is the 48th Super Bowl, pitting the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks.  Denver has the number one scoring offense in the league this season, and Seattle has the number one scoring defense.  It will be a textbook, “The Immovable Object vs The Unstoppable Force.” (Isaac Asimov is turning in his grave now.)

In this age of football, every team is competitive.  There are current back up players, who would be all-stars forty years ago.  Quarterback’s today need to be measured by much more than just Super Bowl wins.  Do they make everyone around them better?  Do they understand the offense and make the right reads?  Are they a model citizen?


Its 2014, life of an athlete isn’t private unless they make it so.  I know about Tom Brady and his women and Uggs.  I know Peyton…has a brother and hosted SNL once.

Moving on; the NFL loves this game.  A future hall of fame quarterback, Manning, is taking on a young QB with a ton of potential, Russell Wilson.  Will it be a passing of the torch scenario, or will the wise gunslinger rule again?

The Seahawks can run the ball, very well, with Marshawn Lynch.  Against what Denver has left on defense, he should run for 100+ yards and a pair of touchdowns.  Russell Wilson should have a few nice throws, maybe 200 yards throwing and another 45 running, one touchdown total.

The other side has Peyton Manning.  He should account for three touchdowns alone.  If he can keep the ball away from the Seahawks fantastic secondary, he should be without an interception unlike his last appearance in the big game.  Knowshon Moreno should get around eighty yards rushing and maybe a touchdown throw from Peyton.

The Seattle defense should outplay Denver’s, but they are still up against one of the best QB’s ever.  Seattle in the playoffs had to take on Drew Brees in Seattle, and Colin Kaepernick, also in Seattle.  Neither QB’s played great, so I’m interested to see how things go if Peyton is on fire. (The weather seems to match what it was in Denver two weeks ago.)

In the end, I hope it’s a fun game.  I have no stake in either team, so I’m hoping for a close game with enough scoring to keep it interesting.  Maybe we will finally have an overtime Super Bowl.  It has never happened, odds say it will eventually.

Denver Broncos:  27

Seattle Seahawks: 24

Peyton Manning is MVP:  27/35 3 tds 354 yds

If Peyton loses, I do not think his legacy is tarnished.  He will still be the best Quarterback of this generation, and may go down in history as one of the two best.  The other being Joe Montana.

As always,

Do Something Good


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