So Long Starbucks. And Thanks For All The Chai.

My current balance

My current balance

Here I sit, with another watered down, Grande, non-fat iced chai from Starbucks.  It will be the last time.

At some point in the last few weeks their prices were hiked a full forty to fifty cents (by my calculations).  Keep in mind that I never drink coffee, ever, so I have no clue where the price increase came from.  Same with my wife, we only order chai from the Seattle based company.  At this point I am now paying over four dollars for non-fat milk, ice cubes, and three squirts of chai mix (and no, it is not the same liquid you can purchase off their shelf.  The real chai mix is unavailable for purchase).

So as a current gold level member (once again, I’ve spent too much money on chai) I am throwing in the towel.  I’m no longer purchasing drinks from Starbucks.  Any sort of regular business they had from me is deceased.

I’ve been making my own black, white, and green teas at home, which is much healthier anyway (so say doctors and the internet).  This was just the step I needed to finally kick the habit.  Whatever their excuse is, I don’t care.  They aren’t consistently delicious enough to warrant more money from me.

So if last week I told you how great Disney World was, this week I’m telling you I think Starbucks is the complete opposite.  So long Starbucks, it was decent while it lasted.  You were sort of like a drug dealer; you got me in with a sampling, turned me into a full-fledged junky, and then raised the price on me.

I quit Starbucks.

Just to be clear, I’ve never worked there.  This isn’t a rebellion lead by Katniss Everdeen.  If it was, Gale would be a barista.

As always,

Do Something Good


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