Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4 Episode 1″Two Swords”


The return has come. House Lannister stands victorious. House Stark has fallen, and the lands of Westeros continue to burn.

The opening was dim, a result of last season’s fall out. The great-sword of House Stark, Ice, was melted down to form two swords. One was given to the returning Jaime Lannister.

Jaime’s time away has sullied his existing relationships. Tywin, patriarch of House Lannister, wants Jaime to rule over Casterly Rock. “No,” is Jaime’s reply, a foreign word to The Hand of the King. Jaime is no longer in the mood for his father’s bullshit. This automatically makes him a good guy, right?

Cersei was displeased by Jaime’s lack of opposable thumbs.   Whatever love she had for him is fading. Even his bastard nephew-son is treating him like a bitch. At least he has a golden hand now, right?

{Side note: If there isn’t a spin off buddy cop show for Jaime and Brienne after this season, the television executives aren’t doing their jobs.}

Tyrion continues to fall further and further away from his once great seat of power. Sansa is being a sad sack, but at least she has a decent husband. However, every move he makes to try and cheer up Sansa, he curses his chances with Shae. Both of the ladies in his life sort of hate him right now.

Tyrion helped introduce us to a new character, Oberyn Martell. Ovaries may not have exploded upon his arrival, but I’m sure more than a few ladies enjoyed his showing. Expect plenty more from The Red Viper.

Dany is marching towards her next goal, Meereen, the largest city of Slaver’s Bay. After almost getting her nose nipped off by Drogon, Jorah reminds Dany (and us) dragons cannot be tamed. Yet once upon a time, the Targaryen family used dragons to defeat the lands, so we’ll keep on waiting for Dany to ride those suckers around like fire breathing horses. With wings. And scales.

Daario (a new actor this year) is charming the Mother of Dragons with flowers. He makes a good point; she should learn the culture of the people she wants to conquer…er, free. I bet she learns what type of chocolate they like soon.

And finally we have the closing moments with Arya Stark and The Hound. The other spin off show I want really badly. If HBO isn’t planning a Game of Thrones/True Detective cross over with these two, I don’t what’s real anymore. #TrueDetectiveSeason2.

Anyway, the Arya has snapped into deadly killer mode. The sword dancer has her Needle back after helping out The Hound a bit. She may have let him die if it was a real option, but what good would that have done her?


In an effort to keep this recap shorter, I’ll hit a few pointers on other story lines.

Jon Snow; while a big moment, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. He has some things to prove again, but his story will pick up. And holy hell, watch out. No spoilers, but…

Ygritte; same type of deal as with You Know Nothing, Jon Snow. Not a major point, but those other Wildlings were Thenn. They are nasty, and consider themselves the last of the First Men (the oxymoron is unintentional).

Bran; no show this week, and I’m not sure when we’ll see him again. He has some pretty big gaps in the story without an appearance. Hodor!

Theon/Reek; The Dreadfort was on the opening map, which is where Theon is being held by Ramsay Snow (bastard son of Roose Bolton). I imagine we’ll be seeing more of them soon.

Jaime has a promise to keep, but to whom?

All in all, much different than the normal Thrones premiere. We got a little of everything, and things are already moving fast. Before you know it _______ will be dead.

What? That’s not really a spoiler, but…read the books!


As always,

Do Something Good



3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4 Episode 1″Two Swords”

  1. Nice recap, and I’m glad you pointed out the Dreadfort showing up on the map (Boo Dreadfort!)

    Dragonstone also was on the map, so even though we didn’t see Stannis the Mannis this episode, we’re reminded he’s still in this (despite with Jerk Joffrey says.)

    • Thank you!

      I forgot to mention Stannis, and Joffrey’s comment. I was actually surprised they showed Dragonstone still.

      I also thought we would get a scene of Ramsay and Theon, but I can also picture nothing for a while with them.

      Thanks again for reading!

      • Sure! I’ve often wondered about the relationship between the opening credits and the scenes in the episode. In general they sync up but not always.

        I’ve also heard that sometimes scenes shot for one episode end up in another (because of the parallel storylines that don’t often intersect, such shuffling might happen a lot) so this might explain the disconnect between episode content and title animation sequence.

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