I Need Your Assistance


Hello readers! I need a favor.

At the end of this post is a poll. I would love for you to participate. I would also love if you asked other people to assist. I don’t normally ask you to reach out to people, but I need as many as I can get.

I’ll explain what’s going on here. At some point in 2014, I want to put together a documentary. It’s not ground breaking and I’m not trying to win any awards. I have a single goal.

Making people better.

How do I plan to accomplish this impossible task? Well, I’m going to start by tackling a sensitive subject, religion. I want to help people realize what is out there, and how similar we are, regardless of our beliefs. This is not an attack, or a long joke.

It feels like a monumental task, and maybe it is, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. This is only one step up the staircase. The infinite lighthouse will never end.

I want to make this perfectly clear. I do not aim to make fun of anyone or anything. I’m not out to prove things do or do not exist. I want to talk to priests, rabbis, ayatollahs, deacons, scientists, etc. I want to talk to normal, everyday people to get their opinions. I know good and bad Christians, I know peaceful and hateful Atheists.

This first stage is just a gathering of information. It’s quite simple, what religion are you?

I’ve included a number of religions on this poll, and all of it is anonymous. Your names will never be used unless you specifically ask me to use it. I did group agnostic, spiritual together, and non-religious, because for my purposes, they fit in the same category. I also have not included every religion known to humankind. So if you worship the mighty yellow sun, or have weekend pagan rituals, you can leave a comment on here or my Facebook page. You can even directly e-mail me: matthewweaver228@yahoo.com

This entire “project” isn’t just about religion, it’s just the first step. This poll will be up for about a month, so please keep sending people here.

Either share this on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever social media you use. Or, just copy the link to this specific post and spam all your e-mail contacts. Get them here to vote. They don’t even need to read everything above, just vote.

77 of you follow me on Facebook. I expect 77 answers. :-p

Above all else, I hope to handle this with grace and intelligence. I want to learn something from this experience. I want to grow from talking to people, and I want as many people as possible to join in.


As always,

Do Something Good



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