Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4 Episode 2 “The Lion and the Rose.”

GAME OF THRONES - 402 -- Pictured: Jack Gleeson, Natalie Dormer

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 2 – “The Lion and the Rose.”

***Obviously, spoilers for tonight’s Game of Thrones episode***

After the first season ended with the loss of Eddard Stark (and his head), I started reading the novels immediately, devouring them one by one. The Battle of Blackwater happened; Tyrion fell from his position of Hand of the King, Dragons grew, Jon Snow knew nothing, and the Red Wedding buried the sliver of hope I had for Robb Stark.

Then, it happened.

The death of King Joffrey.

What a perfect episode to end his reign on. Everyone has had enough of Joffrey, begging and pleading for him to die. This episode reaffirmed one last time, how terrible he was. What I loved was the annoyed and disapproving faces on more than a few people. Few were jumping to help, and it’s obvious why.

The repercussions of the Purple Wedding (a fan created name) will impact everything, shifting the landscape we were getting used to. I will hold my tongue now, as I don’t want to accidentally hint or give anything away, but obviously things are only getting worse.

To quote Ramsay Snow last season, “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Before moving on, a note; George R.R. Martin wrote this episode. It appears the tradition has been for him to write a major storyline episode. I would love for him to write more, but…HE NEEDS TO FINISH THE NOVELS! Please.

There was no Jon Snow, Arya, or Dany this week. After last week where we got a bit of everyone, I assume the rest of the season will be as it has. Splitting it’s time to the point of missing characters episodes at a time. That’s OK too, as long as it doesn’t go on longer than a week.

I won’t touch on every detail (because you should watch the episode) but I’ll hit a few quick notes.

~Jaime having food with Tyrion was a nice scene. They each need to realize neither of them exactly fit the current Lannister mold. Tyrion having Bronn train Jaime is also a nice touch. I hope we get more between the two of them. (This is the third spin off show we could get from Game of Thrones.)

~Ramsay Snow is a bastard through and through. I love hating the guy though. What he has turned Theon into is rightfully earned, but it doesn’t make it easier to watch. The Sweeney Todd moment was tense once Robb’s name came up. Theon is too broken to do anything. He has seen the worst of Ramsay, both as a victim and servant. Ramsay also left out part of the story he told his father about trading Theon. You know, the part where Ramsay sent Theon’s shortened sword to his father.

~Stannis continues to be the Anti-Ned Stark. Bored is a strong word to use, but knowing where Stannis is in the books hurts my viewing at this moment. That isn’t a knock on the writing, or the acting, but I want more than fires and standing around.  And more Davos please! He is one of my favorite characters, but I feel like people still forget his name.

~We got to see Bran again, if only for a moment to share some tidbits. I think we will either see him again next week, or maybe not for a few episodes. I’m not 100% sure the show knows what to do with him. With that said, his parts in the books are a bit Lord of the Ring-ish with the walking.

As per usual, there are many cogs and gears moving along. Bolton wants to win over the North, and his henchman, Locke (the same guy who cut Jaime’s hand off), is headed to the wall to attempt in killing Jon Snow, and to find Bran and Rickon. Brienne loves Jaime which will only lead to more issues. Sansa just ran away with Dontos, but to where?

Things aren’t going to calm down this season.  It’s Easter next week, but Game of Thrones doesn’t care.  It’s on, so make sure you set aside some time and watch the fallout of The Purple Wedding.

Ned’s ghost will be…

Ned Happy
As always,

Do Something Good


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