Two Shows You Should Be Watching: Turn and Silicon Valley

Turn Silicon

It’s easy to miss many of the new shows on television. With this being dubbed the, “New Golden Age of TV,” I miss a lot of shows. Sometimes I catch up on them later; sometimes they get cancelled after one season.

I’ve got two new obsessions. The best part is they are on completely different planes of existence. They each tickle different parts of my brain; the old man in me, and the geek side of things. I tend to be easy to please, but to make me really love your show; you have to make me want to exist in it. That’s why I love Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, etc. I want to live, no matter how dangerous it is, in all of those universes.

Turn, on AMC, revolves around spies, the Revolutionary War, and other American history. The old man part of me loves American history, especially the 19th century. What I didn’t expect was the unpredictability. I don’t know how other people feel about this show, but I wasn’t expecting what I got. It’s better than I expected, and I anticipated enjoying thoroughly. The characters are interesting, and it gave me just enough bread crumbs to follow. There is a love story I care about, there are friendships I want to see play out, and I want to see the beginning of, “America’s First Spy Ring.” Job well done to AMC for another show I have to watch.

The other show is less a surprise; HBO got me hooked, again. Silicon Valley (Mike Judge!) lights up the younger, geeky side of my brain. They speak in tech language that I understand. I have no clue how to write code, or make an algorithm, but I love watching it all the same. Like The Social Network (which I loved), this new show presents the main hero with a similar choice; make millions, or keep friends and make it his own for a fraction of that (plus learn how to be an asshole). A show like this exists because of Mark Zuckerberg. Obviously people like Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates are giants in this arena, but this is a totally different story with the world of emerging tech companies. The comedy is timed perfectly, and the group dynamic keeps things interesting.

Listen, I’m not saying everyone will love these shows, or that they are the best things on TV. I wrote this for two reasons. I don’t see a ton of talk about either of them, and I want them to get another season. I think television shows should automatically get signed for two seasons, so they have a chance to bloom into something great. That’s a different post for another day.

If either sounds interesting, give them a shot. They are both on AMC or HBO’s On Demand services, or you can illegally download them, I don’t care. Catch up, then watch or record them each week.


As Always,

Do Something Good


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