Do You Really “Like” Something? Taking Back the Like Button


I’m taking back the like button. Too many times, I’ve seen a gorgeous artistic photo pop up on Instagram or Twitter and it gets a dozen favorites, or likes.

Then a photo taken two feet from someone’s face, a smidge of cleavage, and a helping of, “fuck me” eyes shows up. It proceeds to get 4,592 likes in one hour.

In a world where you can accidentally find porn on the internet when searching for Dicks Sporting Goods, I’m continuously shocked at the amount of attention ‘selfies’ get. (Because let’s face it ladies…if you take a picture like that, and expect men NOT to use it in private time, you don’t understand the internet. Guys do it too, but they haven’t caught on that women don’t give a shit.)

I’m not even saying every selfie is terrible…well, no I am saying that. I like some here or there, but for the most part, I think they’re idiotic. The one’s I consider acceptable involve professional photography, beautiful landscapes, or the rare occasion you can snap one with a celebrity. (To admit, I took one, once, in Disney world, of my wife and me eating at a soda shop counter. And it was in a mirror more than five feet away.)

What I don’t consider awesome are the following; any picture taken in your bathroom, any picture taken in your bedroom, any picture with your lips pouted like Zoolander, any picture taken by yourself, etc. If you’re taking a picture with background items, make sure one of them isn’t a towel hung over a door or a messy drooled on bed. I don’t want to see that shit. You know who likes those pictures? Stalkers and creepy men, which women constantly complain about. (Like, OMG you guys, some creeper just liked all my selfie photos!)

So how can you help? Stop clicking the like button on needless shit. If you hit the like button, actually like it, don’t do it for shits and giggles. (Yes my blog counts.) The next picture I see on Instagram of a selfie, I’m unfollowing that person immediately.

To finish, a list of things no one wants to see you take pictures of…

-Your food
-Your pets (unless they are adorable and you actually take different ones each time)
-The music you’re listening to
-Your gym pictures
-The sky, over, and over, and over, and over….
-57 pictures in a row (You are not Mr. or Mrs. Instagram, stop it)
-If you are still a teenager, stop altogether. You’re making it so much easier for pedophiles

Since my Instagram isn’t something I care about when promoting myself, I’m going to unfollow every single person that does one of the above. Except my wife, because she is infallible, and also takes good pictures.

Will this stop the madness? No, of course not, and I know that. Maybe one person will agree, and that’s all that matters.

As Always,
Do Something Good

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