Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4 Episode 4. “Oathkeeper”


Apologizes for not writing anything Game of Thrones related last week. My wife was off the Monday following the holiday weekend, and with the exception of one particular incident, the episode didn’t inspire me to write anything.

Not that it was a bad episode at all, I loved it as I do every episode, but I don’t want to force myself to write something if it doesn’t spark my frontal lobe. The only thing I’ll talk about briefly is Jaime and Cersei in the sept with the rotting corpse of Joffrey (Lannister) Baratheon. It felt random (it didn’t play out the same in the novels), and didn’t hit the mark I think they were looking for. But that was last week, this week…

There were White Walkers, stealing infants, and then turning them into little White Crawlers (you know, because they can’t walk yet…, ahem, moving on). It’s uncommon for fans of the novels, and fans of the show, to share a moment like this together. I don’t consider this a spoiler, but for the most part, people who have read the books have almost no idea what’s going on with the White Walkers. So last night every fan of Game of Thrones got to see something for the first time, and it was fantastic. I had this thought while watching, that baby wasn’t crying when either of the Walkers held it. It could be magic, but that little tyke seemed very calm.

Staying in the north, Bran & Company were captured at Craster’s Keep, which is now run by mutineers of the Night’s Watch. I’m glad we got to see Ghost again, but they all need to figure a way out. I have a theory that I’m going to share…so, ***SPOILERS*** If you want to know nothing about the books and possibly what’s next for Bran on TV, skip to the next paragraph. Ok? ***Start of Spoilers***…3, 2, 1..Ok, At this point it’s obvious they needed to give Bran something more to do than just walking in the snow. My guess is, Cold Hands swoops in to save them, and they move on, and Jon Snow will probably never leave the Wall. ***End Spoilers***



Welcome back!

So with Bran and his gang stuck at Craster’s, we have Jon Snow at the Wall, ready to lead a pack of men to take out the mutineers. This is potentially very good, but we just got a massive helping of good with Joffrey meeting the reaper. This show doesn’t give us a ton of bright spots, and with Locke now watching Jon (thank you Roose Bolton, you son of a bitch) I can’t see things going well. There is also a pack of Wildlings on the loose, so, keep that in mind.

Another bit of a bombshell was, as far as I can tell, we learned how Joffrey’s death was conceived. It appears to have been organized between Littlefinger (who wants everything apparently) and the Queen of Thorns. It’s been weaved nicely into the story, Lady Olenna gave us some back story on her power techniques, and add up her playing with Sansa’s necklace at the wedding, and before that, sending off the girls to make jewelry, things seem to point her way. One thing is for sure, no one seems to really believe Tyrion is guilty, but I’m sure that will unfold in the coming weeks.


Some random thoughts:

-Not that I needed reminding, but I needed reassurance with Jaime. The entire scene with him and Brienne, giving her the sword, Pod joining her, and Jaime plainly telling her not to bring Sansa back, was magnificent.  After last week I wasn’t sure where he was going, and while he may not even know who he is right now, he did the best he could.

-Tyrion’s conversation with Jaime was also great, and I loved when Tyrion spoke plainly about Joffrey being Jaime’s son, and Jaime not missing a beat. “Are you really asking if I killed your son?” “Are you really asking if I’d kill my brother?”

-Dany’s power is growing and the city of Meereen is hers now. But where the hell are her dragons? I understand they can’t hang out on her shoulder like a badass parrot, but no mention? (Unless I missed something.) It seems like of all the main characters, she gets the least amount of time on the screen.

-Margaery Tyrell is playing the Game of Thrones rather well. If I was Tommen, I would be like a kid on Christmas. Not only do you have a beautiful woman sneaking into your chamber, which isn’t normal by the way, but he has to be thinking his family is bat shit crazy, so why not take the plunge?

-No Oberyn Martell this week, much to the dismay of my wife, and many other ladies I would imagine.  I’m sure he is held up by multiple naked bodies strewn across his room and bed.

It was another episode of Thrones that hit all the right notes. Generally by this time in past seasons, business is only just starting to pick up, but we’ve been sprinting a majority of the time, and I look forward to more. Every day needs to be Sunday until this show is over.

Any thoughts or comments, or if I said something completely wrong, leave it in the comments below. Thanks for reading!
As always,

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One thought on “Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4 Episode 4. “Oathkeeper”

  1. I liked the symmetry that began and ended the episode:

    – Grey Worm talking about being forced into the Unsullied training program so young he couldn’t remember anything before hand.
    – Young baby being turned into a supernatural menace.

    We’re sympathetic to Grey Worm and the Unsullied, even though if given the right commands, would be as terrible and inhuman as the icy Others.

    I also loved the scene when Jaime had Brienne name the sword. She named it Oathkeeper, but she was also naming Jaime with that label as well, to replace Kingslayer.

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