Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4 Episode 5. “The First of His Name.”


This was a great episode of Game of Thrones. It was mostly pieces moving around the chess board of, “The Known World,” but there was one massive revelation I want to focus on. Reading a few things around the internet so far, it seems something wasn’t clear to everyone. Well I want to make this very clear to make sure no one misses it…

Littlerfinger is responsible for, EVERYTHING.

I guess you could argue no one shouted out, “I killed this person,” but that would be ridiculous. After last week where we learned Littlefinger helped plan the demise of Joffrey with Olenna Tyrell, this week we learn he had his fingers involved with Jon Arryn’s death. I’ll try my best to break this down for you, with a small history lesson.

We as viewers have only met Jon Arryn once, and it was of his cold dead corpse in the very first episode. While he lay on a similar slab as Joffrey, Jaime and Cersei had a chat that for the time seemed to indicate they played a part in his death. Jon was Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon, a position filled by Ned Stark.

However, the only reason Ned Stark decided to go to King’s Landing with Robert, was because Catelyn insisted he go, after receiving a letter from her sister, and now window of Jon Arryn, Lysa Arryn. The letter was sent as Lysa fled King’s Landing back to her home in the Eyrie (where Littlefinger and Sansa are now), telling Cat to be watchful of the Lannisters, as they had killed Jon.

Because of this letter, and an attempted assassination of Bran, Cat took Tyrion hostage. When Tyrion was taken hostage, the prize fight of Jaime Lannister vs. Ned Stark grew to a head. In essence, the meddling Littlefinger did, lead to the eventual death of Ned Stark, and because Ned died, Arya ran, and Sansa was taken hostage.

*Deep inhale*

On top of that, Robb Stark went to war to avenge his father, leaving Wintefell in the hands of Bran. Winterfell as we know it, burned to the ground, leaving Bran and Rickon to go on the lam. Soon after, the Red Wedding happened, where we lost Robb and Cat.

You could pepper other things along this roller coaster, like Jaime Lannister being captured by Robb Stark, only to be let go, and have his sword hand removed via dagger. Theon was left on his own, eventually turning on Robb, but ultimately got his sausage cut off.

To sum it all up as I said before, Littlerfinger is responsible for almost every terrible thing to happen in Westeros the last four seasons. Yeah, he killed Joffrey, and got Sansa out of there, but if you don’t think his ultimate goal is finding out if Sansa’s carpet matches the drapes, you haven’t been paying attention.

So after all that, a few random thoughts:

-We need more dragons. Dany’s few minutes tonight were important for one reason; she isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Westeros is safe, for now.

-Cersei and Margaery was quite interesting, it almost seemed like a possible alliance was forming, but I don’t trust anything Cersei does or says, ever.

-Pod and Brienne is the perfect duo right now. I look forward to seeing them, but I can’t help feeling we may miss them for a few episodes.

-The Hound found out he is on Arya’s shit list, as if he didn’t know deep down. I’m interested to see how that plays out, as he could have easily killed her by now.

-Jon and Bran reenacted An American Tail, with Bran playing the part of Fievel, and Jon as Papa, and Hodor as Tiger, except with more blood and snapping of bones. It’s really not a big deal, but this isn’t even close to being in the books, so I’m not sure why it was added. I still liked it though, and it gave us some blood and gruesome deaths that has been missing the last few episodes.

Next week it looks like it’s trial time for Tyrion, and while it seems no one thinks he killed Joffrey, it also seems no one thinks he will be proven not guilty.

If you see anything I mapped out wrong, or fumbled a bit, please let me know. Any other questions or comments leave them below.


As always,

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3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4 Episode 5. “The First of His Name.”

  1. Yup. Littlefinger is the man responsible for a whole lot of crud.

    Excellent analysis. I hear what you’re saying about the Jon/Bran stuff, but I suspect they wanted to condense some of his story but also bump it up, so they worked in this near intersection with Bran. The Bran/Hodor/Jojen stuff was all pretty solid, and the show could have done all this with them being captured by Wildlings or whatever, but Craster’s Keep had been a question mark for awhile (and I was glad to return there to see the baby-offering to the Others) so it seemed economical to work in three storylines (the third being the Bolton storyline represented by Locke.)

    Speaking of Locke, I hope Jon sincerely gives a eulogy for Locke, having assumed that this new recruit was just the best dude ever, volunteering for a dangerous mission, acting as a scout, and laying down his life in service to the realm.

    • Agreed on all fronts.

      The Locke thing had me most interested, because for a slight moment I thought he might get wrapped up in this whole “Brothers” thing, but that was over quickly. I also thought Coldhands would play a part, and it was a week ago, but I thought I heard crows in the background while all that was going on.

      The show may not answer it, but I’d like to see what the Walkers do now with no baby imports coming in. Or it’s entirely possible we won’t see them for two seasons.

      • I think we’ve lost Coldhands as Team Bran’s guide 😦

        I’m still holding out hope that CH still has a role to play in the books, and can be introduced on the show later. Team Coldhands!

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