Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4 Episode 6. “The Laws of Gods and Men.”


I hate when this happens, but I didn’t love Game of Thrones this week. It irked me. There were a few aspects of Tyrion’s trial that I found a bit unnecessary, but largely it was excellent. I’ll focus mostly on that, because to me, the rest of the episode felt like filler.

I’ve mentioned many times I’ve read the novels, and 99.9% of the time I let go the differences from the books. For some reason I couldn’t shake that this week. Last week changed aspects dramatically; same as the week before, so I thought I had finally come to peace. Mostly I’m just angry with myself for not loving a Game of Thrones episode, but I suppose it’s allowed to happen.

Moving on, the best part of the episode was not only Tyrion’s trial, but Tyrion himself. I’m sure a lot of people have no interest in trials on television, but this was hardly a trial. It was a public stoning, without any stones to throw. Over the last few weeks most people seemed to believe Tyrion was innocent, yet everyone has done a full 180’. The citizens of Westeros and King’s Landing seemed to be in agreement that Joffrey was the biggest cock this side of the Narrow Sea. Yet, hypocrisy won out, and Tyrion is known not only as a Kingslayer, but a Kinslayer. It only proves that the people of Westeros have no allegiance to anyone.

The past few seasons, Tyrion has enamored fans by slapping Joffrey on many occasions…


But has also threatened Cersei, cut off Pycelle’s beard, and played The Game of Thrones rather well. He has banished people, led an army to victory against Stannis, and whether or not she believes him, loved Shae.

All of this came back around against Tyrion, also proving it may be best to own a simple farm out in the country. Everything he has done, good or bad, looks to condemn him. His brother is the only one left trying to help. Jaime struck a deal with Tywin to let Tyrion take the black if he admits he is guilty. Jaime would then leave the King’s Guard and find a wife, bearing many children with the last name Lannister.

To use a quote that could apply to every episode, “if you think things are going to end happy, you haven’t been paying attention.” Tywin had an ace up his sleeve, Shae. She mixed some truth into her lies, and everyone bought it. Since when did the men and women of Westeros believe a whore?

Tyrion’s entire speech at the end was fantastic, and most likely true. Maybe he should have let Stannis kill them all. Taking the black does not seem to be in the future of Tyrion. Once again, he has taken the option of trial by combat. If you do not want spoilers, avoid the title of episode eight (the one after Memorial Day weekend).

The rest of the episode I’ll cover in quick notes:

-Stannis and Davos were in Bravos to meet with the Iron Bank. Last week I believe Tywin mentioned there is no Lannister gold left, and they are in massive debt to Mycroft Holmes. Davos, one of my favorite characters, won them over with the tale of his missing fingers. Davos then went to Salladhor Saan, a pirate we saw in season two.

-Theon/Reek is loyal to Ramsay Snow, and proved that again when his sister Yara (Asha in the books, not to be confused with Osha, who is with Rickon Stark) came to rescue him. I have to point out, based on the map at the start of Thrones, there should be no physical way they used boats to get to the Dreadfort. I guess it’s possible, but I dunno about that.

-Dany and her Dragons. We got to see Drogon this week, and we got to see him light up a goat and take off with it for a possible Shawarma party. To throw another name at you, that I will need to look up the spelling of every week, we met Hizdahr zo Loraq. He claims his father was crucified unjustly, and after the goat man showed the charred remains, it looks like Dany has a lot on her plate going forward. She had over two hundred more people to meet with. What happened to taking things with fire and blood?

-I find it funny no one seems to think Dany is a threat. The information shared at the small council meeting seems to have mixed info. Some of it is true, but considering they think the dragons are still babies, proves they don’t have any clue what’s going on.

Just because I loved these from Tyrion:

“I saved this city and all your worthless lives!”

“I should have let Stannis kill you all! … I wish I was the monster you think I am.”

“Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores!”

All in all, not a bad episode, and judging from the online community, I’m in the minority. Most people forgave the first half because of Tyrion, but I’m not that forgiving at episode six. Next week should be fun, but the week after that we have a break before the final three episodes. Bogus.
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