Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4 Episode 7. “Mockingbird.”


The battle is set. Oberyn Martell vs. Gregor Clegane. The Red Viper vs. The Mountain. Tyrion’s life hangs in the balance. Unfortunately, we have to wait two weeks for Game of Thrones to return due to Memorial Day weekend.

After Jaime declined Tyrion’s request to fight The Mountain (If The Mountain looked different, it’s because this is the third actor to play the role of Gregor Clegane, brother of The Hound. You may remember him best for chopping a horse’s head off in season one.), I believe most assumed Bronn would stand up and fill the role. However, Bronn stands betrothed to Lady Stokeworth, and seems to be planning a large inheritance, with a castle and all. How far Bronn has come; he even dressed in fancy clothing for his farewell.

Peter Dinklage was amazing tonight, as he has been all season.   When Oberyn told him he would stand as his champion, the surprise and relief across Tyrion’s face was wonderful. There have been a few passing remarks on his fighting prowess, but Oberyn Martell just gave Tyrion a great chance of being found not-guilty.

Daenerys “Where Are Your Dragons” Targaryen took command of something a bit more…physical, this week. Instead of controlling armies, free men, or her Queen’s Guard, she used her powers on Daario Naharis. The Mother of Dragons is getting more comfortable with her position, taking exactly what she wants. Jorah (playing the best friend with a crush on the most popular girl in school) disapproves, as I’m sure we all expected him to. After Dany took what she wanted, she sent Daario off to fight and continued her pursuit of being the perfect Queen.

We’ve lost a few duos this season, but with that loss we’ve gained so much more. Arya & The Hound continue to roam the countryside, putting people out of their misery and stabbing them in the hearts. The Hound took a bite to the neck, and after a heart wrenching story about his burned face, he finally let Arya clean it. Maybe his name will finally be removed from her list.

The other pair lighting up the screen is Brienne and Pod. For the dark, depressing moments we get with A&H, Brienne and Pod add a light hearted element to the show. They ran into Hot Pie who traveled with Arya for a short time. It’s good to see him doing well, and it’s equally awesome to see Pod helping out so much. These two tag-teams are set, for the moment, to meet at The Eyrie.

Speaking of The Eyrie, holy hell Littlefinger! He tossed Lysa Arryn right out the moon door. For a second I thought we were going to see her splatter on the rocks below after her descriptions. Sansa also got to slap that little weirdo Robyn. Perhaps he’s next to fly. At this point, how can Littlefinger be considered a bad guy? I mean he’s killed a lot of good people, but he puts up a good argument for fan favorite of the season.

We had a scene between Melisandre and Stannis’ wife Selyse about her daughter Shireen. Melisandre eventually convinced her that Shireen should go and not stay behind. The Lord of Light has shown this to them, and so far out of all the gods, Mr. R’hollor is the only one doing anything.

Lastly, we had a small but important scene with Jon Snow. War is on the way, too much for the current Night’s Watch to handle. Jon thinks they should block the tunnels under the wall. Naturally, grumpy prideful men in this world don’t want to listen to people like Jon Snow. It looked like the Master Builder wanted to agree with Jon, but followed along and said to keep the gate open. Will this come back to haunt them? Knowing this show, it will haunt them, badly.

Again, no Game of Thrones next week, so I’ll be staring out the window from 9:00pm – 10:00pm. The darkness of nightfall will accompany me during this time. A fate we will all meet in a mere five weeks when season four is over. Praise the Lord of Light!


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