Who Are You, to Complain About Spoilers?


It’s a bit ridiculous to say this, but there will be spoilers about multiple TV shows, movies, and books below. You have been warned.

The internet has created many things for us. Such as; large amounts of information within seconds, people connecting from around the world, instant porn, and adorable animals. There is a lot of hate too. For the most part we all agree some of this is good, and some of it is bad. Yet there is one thing most of the internet seems divided on. Spoilers.

Spoilers are found nowhere else except the internet. You can argue magazines have articles about upcoming movies or television shows, but they never go into great detail.

I was once on the side of, “If you post spoilers, I will be outraged with you for approximately twenty four to forty eight hours. Depending how much I worship the show.” I don’t recall the exact date when it changed, but eventually I realized how arrogant that was.

Who am I to demand other people not speak about live entertainment? DVR, TiVo, Netflix, etc. have all changed how we view television shows and movies. You watch Sons of Anarchy at 10pm? Great, I can pause it, start it ten minutes late, and skip the commercials. But look at the last part. I made that decision.

The number one hit I’ve seen lately is Game of Thrones (With Walking Dead a close second). First off, the first book of the series released in 1996. I know people who weren’t even alive when that happened. Not everyone knew those books existed (this writer included) but guess what? Season one ended and I read the books. Not to avoid spoilers, but because the show was amazing, and the books were even better (cliché, I know). Every single person has this option. Yet, I mention Ned Stark gets his head chopped off at the end of Book 1/Season 1, and everyone loses their mind. It happened 18/3 years ago. Why is it my job to avoid talking about things I love, because you’re waiting?

(Quick story. In one of my training classes, we were talking about Sons of Anarchy, season five I believe. One girl got so pissed she walked out of the class. Her reason was something like, “I haven’t started watching the show yet, please stop talking about it.” Go fuck yourself, is what I have to say.)

Secondly, and this seems to be the hardest pill to swallow. You do not, I repeat; DO NOT, need the internet to survive. You can go a few hours without. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, and you are unable to watch the live viewing, you should not be surfing Twitter or Facebook. Be realistic about it. People will talk about it, because they love it, just as much as you do.

I have gone to such lengths as; not going on the web until the next day to avoid certain spoilers. That’s it. It’s that simple. Let’s make this very clear. In my opinion, spoilers should only be considered a spoiler if they are mentioned BEFORE an episode airs. If I said __________ dies this season on Game of Thrones that would be a shitty move because it hasn’t happened yet (Unless you read the book ten years ago). But when the episode airs, everyone knows it is now live on TV.

Lastly, it’s really easy to avoid spoilers. I paused the freakin’ SuperBowl for a half hour. And not one second of it was spoiled for me. I didn’t go on the internet, it was that simple. If you watch Game of Thrones, and decide to refresh on Twitter during 9pm – 10pm eastern, that is 100% on you until you watch the episode. I understand you can’t always catch the live viewing. But why are you so important, that I can’t talk about it with everyone else?

This may not get a ton of reads, but I really want it to. There are some pompous asshole writers trying to wage war on spoilers. Most of them go overboard, but some just ask people not to talk about it. Yet I’ve never once seen these people give all of us the cue it’s OK to talk about now.

Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor!  Spoilers…


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3 thoughts on “Who Are You, to Complain About Spoilers?

  1. I think what you are saying is all reasonable, but there is something joyous about a person experiencing the show the same way we have done, without advance knowledge. In some cases, a person can expect to be spoiled (if they are on the Internet, like, ever) but if they’re working to avoid being spoiled and someone blurts it out right in front of them, they had little choice in the matter, and some advance warning would have helped.

    Yes, the could proactively consume all entertainment all the time, but that’s not feasible.

    It’s fair for you not to feel abashed if you accidentally spoil someone, I’ll back you up on that, but it’s legit for them to feel the loss as well, unless they’re being willfully stupid, like hanging out in Game of Thrones chat rooms demanding no one mention things.

    • Re-reading it, I should have explained a bit better. I got off point. In person I am fully on page with you. I won’t tell my wife or friends certain aspects of, anything really, to avoid spoilers. I have walked out of rooms to avoid things, and I’m always conscience to avoid saying anything in person. I’ve had many conversations in code about random things, like Doctor Who.

      My attack if you will, was focused entirely on those people who read tweets (Or comment sections, blogs, etc) during Game of Thrones time and ask people to stop talking about it. I meant to use an example too, I was spoiled on the ending of a Sons of Anarchy episode with a major death, because I went on Facebook before I was finished with the episode. At first I wanted to blame that person, but that would have felt foolish.

      Thanks for the reply. It’s nice knowing I’m not completely insane…yet.

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