Game of Thrones Recap. Season 4, Episode 10. “The Children.”


Happy Father’s Day from Tyrion Lannister! (Cliché at this point as I’ve seen other recaps with the same, but oh well. I tweeted it yesterday morning, so I win.) What an ending to a fantastic episode. A Lannister always pays his debts, and that’s something Lord Tywin will never forget, except the fact that he is dead! After the terrible things that have plagued our favorite characters, we had two major deaths this season.

Joffrey was surprising, but at the same time, it seemed inevitable someone would lose their patience with him. Yet the death of Tywin seemed like something that may not happen until natural causes took over. Tyrion changed that, first killing Shae (Who called Tywin her Lion of Lannister) by strangling her with Lannister gold. Next he walked to the privy, where Tywin sat, shitting gold.

The moment was tense, would it actually happen? Would Tyrion, yelling to anyone that would listen about his innocence, finally commit murder in the capital? I don’t for a second believe anything Tywin said in his final moments. Tyrion didn’t believe him either, and after the second, “Whore,” Tyrion loosed a crossbow bolt into his father’s chest.

It was a great moment, and I think more surprising than Joffrey turning purple. As a side note, I don’t think Jaime exactly had that in mind when letting his little brother out of his cage. Same with Varys, who left King’s Landing himself. Also to clear some confusion, that was the Tower of the Hand, which Tyrion lived while Hand of the King. Hence knowing about the secret tile’s in the floor.

That was only a slice of what Game of Thrones served us for the finale. We had Jon Snow, from knowing nothing, to almost negotiating a peace treaty with the Wildlings. Mance Rayder is an interesting character, one I hope we get to see more of next season. Stannis showed up, a day late by The Wall’s standard, and killed off most of the Wildlings. I know Thrones has a budget, but for having 100,000 men, it seemed like there were about fifty to a hundred hanging out in the woods when Stannis arrived. I do like the fact he listened to Jon Snow. Stannis is many things, but ignorant isn’t one of them. That last shot of Jon Snow, through the flames, from Melisandre, was interesting and something to remember going forward.

Dany, once again, only had a few moments of screen time. It seems Drogon lit some kid up with his fire. I know nothing for sure, but I want to plant this seed, only because I thought it while watching. Why didn’t we SEE this happen? We saw the goats get blasted, but we didn’t see this. And did the father seem young? I trust no one here except the few people in the Queen’s Guard. As for the other guy, who wanted to be a slave again…I understand his point, but there is thing called a job. You work for these people, they pay you. You could argue no one wants to pay former slaves, but if Dany is queen, she can enforce anything.

Sadly, our parting shot was not a heroic freeing of slaves, or the burning of a city, it was locking two of her dragons up, Viserion and Rhaegal, and closing the stone door. Drogon won’t be easily caught, but going forward, she can’t use her dragons to fight her battles. She must learn to be a Queen on her own, and it doesn’t seem very easy.

Bran finally had a killer plot point. I say it a lot, I know, but I’ve been waiting for this. Jojen dying was sad, but we learned soon after he knew it would happen. It seems the stories Bran was told about the Children of the Forest were true after all. This episode was called The Children, maybe because the major children of the show all had major life changes, but this may also be the reason. Who are these children? A small history lesson…They were in Westeros first. We often hear the term, “The First Men.” Well before those first men inhabited Westeros, these Children lived amongst the nature. They are the true Native Westeros humans. The guy in the tree, you’ll have to wait for an explanation on him. But he’s been watching, and he bluntly told Bran he wouldn’t walk again. But he would fly. Awesome. Oh and the killer skeleton scene was pretty cool.

Arya Stark, where are you going? Where was she going? What did she have left? She wanted a ride to the Wall, but the ship wasn’t going that way. What could she do? More silver? No, this time she showed Iron. “Valar Morghulis.” The captain froze, and answered, “Valar Dohaeris.” All Men Must Die, and, “All Men Must Serve,” respectively.

Before that fun exchange, we saw a battle for the ages. Brienne of Tarth, vs. The Hound. I didn’t know this was happening, and I’m sorry if you consider this a book spoiler, but this is one of those moments added to the show. The Hound and Arya are around, as is Brienne and Pod, but they never meet up. Whatever, it was fucking awesome. They kicked the shit out of each other, swung their swords, almost ended each other’s lives, and in the end, The Hound fell. Literally, he fell off a cliff after getting his face bashed in, his ear ripped off, and then a broken femur.

Is Brienne the best swordsperson in all of Westeros? I think so. She is probably the best person Arya could have been with, but Arya has her own path to follow. Brienne and Pod will continue looking for Sansa perhaps. It was a thrilling scene, and to end it with The Hound, dying and bleeding out was a bit sad. Did he deserve it? I suppose, but I also think he’s redeemed himself. I know nothing, but I’m taking this stance going forward. If we don’t see someone die on screen, it didn’t happen to me. We’ll see if that means anything. I do have this thought…would Ned Stark have let someone suffer? Out of the Stark children, Arya seems the coldest.

A few notes…

-The Mountain is dying. Slowly and painful, just like he should, but because of this, he still, “won.” Qyburn, the same guy who fixed Jaime’s hand, told Cersai he has some things that may be able to help. She only cared about his strength, not his personality. Another thread left for next season.

-I talked about Jon Snow, but the small conversation he had with Mance, and Tormund, about Ygritte was nice. He really did love her, and we got to finally close that chapter. They drank over fallen soldiers, a King felled by a farmer.

-Where are Jorah, Sansa, Littlefinger, and Reek & the Bolton’s? I’m guessing we’ll see them again sometime next season.


The season is over, and now my mass depression begins. Ten episodes are never enough, but at the same time we can’t rush things too much. I know I’ve said this a hundred times, but now is really the time to read the books. At this point, you could skip the first and second book, and head right for number three. It covers most of last season and this season sure, but there are a few things left out of book three that I expected to have at the end of this season. The books are well written, and enjoyable, so people consider reading them if you haven’t. It will also lesson the annoying complaint about spoilers. Just saying.

I feel like I’ll need to do a recap of this season, and maybe a small, spoiler free preview for next year. This is my favorite show, and I have other’s that are very close, but Game of Thrones is clearly number one for me. Long live The Starks! Long live Tyrion! You know nothing Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen, may you find your way as Queen, and Mother of Dragons.

Just to tease you one last time, book number four is called, “A Feast for Crows,” book number five is called, “A Dance with Dragons,” and the yet to be released book six is called, “The Winds of Winter.”

Read the books!

tyrion crossbow

As Always,

Do Something Good


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