Game of Thrones Season 4 Recap


Jon, Bran, Robb, and Rickon.

This was the best season Game of Thrones has had yet. We got a ton of major character deaths, and large advancements in story for the Stark children. Without knowing it at the time; Rob & Catelyn Stark’s brutal murder at The Red Wedding pushed the Stark siblings (Yes, I include Jon in this group) even further apart. Not only in location, but in who they are as people.

Jon fell in love with a Wildling, and took up a leadership role to help defend the Wall. There were some large gaps where not much happened, but if you look at the moment he and Ned last saw each other, Jon has become a man; perhaps a better man than his father*. The very end of last season, and most of this season has put Jon in excellent position to be a leader. If it wasn’t such a part of his character, Jon has left behind the title of a bastard.

Arya Stark was a small girl practicing with a wooden sword, while running around King’s Landing with a cat*. She witnessed her father die, and she saw dozens of people tortured. She had to stand outside of The Twins as her mother and brother were slaughtered. Her dog, Nymeria is lost, and she recently lost The Hound as well. She hated him, but he helped her survive, which is all Arya needed to do. She once helped a man that could change his face*, and this man gave her a coin, and now this coin provided her with a one way ship to Braavos.

Sansa has gone full dark side it seems. Remember when she was a whiney brat, (Some may say she still is) and fawned over Joffrey? She was the typical princess character. She also witnessed her father’s death (Something her and Arya have in common, and only them) and from that point on, Sansa began to change. It took her longer than everyone else, but she finally left King’s Landing. Whether or not she is in a better position could be argued. She certainly seems to be set up for a larger role with Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish in charge of the Vale of Arryn, and the Eyrie*.

Bran Stark seemed forgotten about, but the final episode of this season finally brought him to the end of his path. He has been paralyzed from the waist down since the very first episode of Thrones. He was in charge of Winterfell, on the run from Theon Greyjoy (Reek, Reek, his name is Reek). Summer, Meera & Jojen, and HODOR helped him above the Wall, with Jojen giving his life. In the end, Bran met the three eyed raven he had been chasing. This man, or thing, has been watching them. How, and why*?

Rickon Stark…well, he…remember when…it seemed like…nope. I’ve got nothing. He had a few good moments at the tail end of last season, but he is out on his own with Osha and Shaggydog. Where is he, and is he alive*?

I think that’s all that happened this year. Not a whole lot of exciting moments…

Oh, Joffrey and Tywin are dead. HAHA! Joffrey finally bit it while choking on poison during his wedding feast. Tywin died via crossbow bolt, while shitting. For every heartbreaking moment fans have had, there isn’t much more you could ask for. A quick and possibly ruthless murder for either may have not been enough. A few characters need to be punished still (See: Cersei Lannister), but when you include The Hound*, his brother The Mountain*, and Ygritte (Depending how you felt about her), a lot of “bad” people died too.


I think there is an argument to be made, Daenerys has progressed the farthest. She was sold and married to a barbarian, which turned out to be her sun and stars. She has loved and lost, and then was granted three baby dragons (Stolen once, but that guy got lit on fire). Dragons were thought to be extinct, yet here they are, burning people on her command. If you pull up a Game of Thrones map, (below) she has traveled the furthest, under the harshest conditions.


She is now Queen of Meereen, has had to lock up her dragons (Two out of three), and learned Jorah was a spy at the beginning of their friendship. She must learn how to, “Play the Game of Thrones,” before she can conquer Westeros. She has an army, but now she needs the politics.

Tyrion has gone from, drunk dwarf sleeping with every whore in Westeros, to Hand of the King, to Champion of the Blackwater, to…shit. Seriously, his life has been shit since the Battle of Blackwater. He saved King’s Landing and got nothing for it except a scar. He was forced to marry Sansa, and was blamed for killing Joffrey. He lost his trial both in the courtroom, and by combat (R.I.P. Oberyn Martell), yet he is free. He is free because of his brother, Jaime Lannister (A.K.A. possibly the most honorable man in Westeros…I said ‘possibly’) and Lord Varys. Tyrion murdered his father and Shae, his former lover, before departing. What is next for him*?


That covers most of the main characters of the series, but as any great show can, it make us care about secondary characters, and where they end up.

-Brienne was on a mission to find Sansa, and Arya. She was thisclose to Arya, and who knows if she will even try to find Sansa at the Eyrie. What is next for her*?

-Roose and Ramsay Bolton were headed to Winterfell*, as they claim it is now theirs. Roose is Warden of the North, and Ramsay is no longer a bastard.

-Reek, or Theon, is with Ramsay and appears to be a loyal subject. How long will that really last though*?

-Remember those guys, the Brotherhood without Banners? I’ll jog your memory…Arya was with them for a time being, before their leader, Beric Dondarrion, was split almost in half by The Hound. Then he was magically brought back to life. Those guys. Where are they*?

-It appears, from the magic we’ve seen, the only god listening to anyone is The Lord of Light, R’hllor. This god is supposedly what brought Beric back to life quite a few times, but this is the same god Melisandre prays to for Stannis. She has her eyes on Jon Snow*, and her god seems to have killed more than a couple King’s. Are there other gods, and if so, do they care about Westeros?

-And where the hell did the White Walkers go? Are they coming soon? Are they Winter? Winter is Coming could mean those frozen bad guys.


Alright, I think that’s enough for now. This helped get over my Game of Thrones depression, but originally it was going to be short. Eleven hundred words later, here I am still typing. You may have noticed many * throughout my recap. Those were put there to tease you into reading the books. They could mean a few things, from knowing someone’s fate, something happening slightly different in the book, or perhaps a massive back story you have yet to learn on the show.

This is your chance to read them. If you are still with the show at this point, you aren’t going anywhere. I encourage you to read them, not only to avoid spoilers, but because they are well written novels. The story telling is fantastic, and you get much more of the history of Westeros. Ask for them for your birthday, or for Christmas, or go to the library.

I hope you enjoyed, and I look forward to doing this next year. I can’t imagine too many shows will excite me enough to write about them, (Maybe Boardwalk Empire) but we’ll see.


As Always

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