Doctor Who Countdown: My Favorite Moments of Ten


“I can still die. If I’m killed before regeneration, then I’m dead. Even then, even if I change, it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away… and I’m dead.”

-The Tenth Doctor


When I decided to make this tribute to The Doctor, I thought of all the fun I’d have going over the 10th Doctor. I would enjoy reliving moments with Rose, Martha, and Donna. Ten (David Tennant) met so many people and learned so much, I had forgotten. I forgot how much happened to him. I mean, I could never forget, but I had my graduation goggles on.

If you missed my tribute to the 9th Doctor, you can go over it by clicking here.

The 10th Doctor, what a punch to the gut I got when going over my videos. I only realized last week that it was almost universally heartbreaking. I tried my best to narrow this down, and I tried to make it as happy as possible…but let’s face it. If you know 10 (Or 11 for that matter) you know it will be many feels.

A small word of warning, I’m not thrilled with my choice of videos. The BBC has either cut out certain parts I wanted to share, or the quality is so-so at best. My apologies on that end. I think I hit the mark though, and if you have anything I missed please share it with the rest of us.

I tried once again to make this about The Doctor, rather than his companions. For example, I didn’t include the moment The Doctor figured out who the Face of Boe was, because that was more about…that person.



1. How Do I Look?

Because of the way BBC has these videos on YouTube, The 10th Doctor’s actual first appearance is all split up. So I decided on this one, because it’s the first time we really get to meet The 10th Doctor.

2. If I Believe In One Thing, Just One Thing…I Believe in Her!

There are a ton of great moments I’ve skipped over, (Allons-y!) but I don’t have room to include everything so I went with this one. Skip to about 1:00 in to get the sweet stuff.


3. The Rose and Doctor are Separated forever.

I’m sorry for this…I’m so sorry.


4. Rose Tyler…

My god, I’m even more sorry for this…


5. Don’t Blink! & Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey…Stuff.

I’m skipping a lot to get here, and to help get over the last two videos.


6. River, You Know My Name.

And right back to the feels. Little did we know what this all meant. I love the music here too.

“Not one line, don’t you dare.”


7. Donna Forgets

Ok, this isn’t a BBC video, so the quality is low…but the feels are high.


8. Rose Meets The Doctor

This scene should be much longer, as it cuts out the other companions of Ten. But it includes the two most important in my opinion.

“Tell you what. I bet you’re gonna have a really great year.”


9. We Will Sing You to Sleep.

I’m angry I can’t find Ten’s finale walk and the entire song, Vale Decem (Goodbye Ten) but this will have to do…

“I don’t want to go.”


10. The Tribute



That was rough but I hope you enjoyed viewing them again.

As Always

Do Something Good,





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