A Challenge for October: 31 Scary Stories

Headless Horseman

I’m giving myself a challenge for October. As you may know, it’s my favorite month of the year. I love autumn and all things Halloween, plus my anniversary is this month. A multitude of apple based foods appear in October, Sunday’s become colder which is perfect for football, and later this month we watch Ichabod Crane and The Great Pumpkin and Hocus Pocus and Supernatural and American Horror Story and…I’m going to stop rambling.

I once found a list of twenty scary short stories that were all two sentences or shorter and most of them gave me goose bumps. Last week I started writing some of my own just for fun. I liked it, so I wrote more, and a few pages later I had a dozen or so. I’ve had to check some of them to make sure I didn’t accidently plagiarize one from that original list I read.

So, my challenge is this:

Write 31 scary stories in two sentences or less and post one per day at 8:15pm. On Halloween when I post my last story I’ll put them all together in a blog post. For now, I’m only going to put them on my Facebook page.

A recap…One story per day, two sentences or less, intended to give you the creeps.



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