HitRecord Weekly Writing Challenge: Week 32

This week’s challenge was to write a Tautogram. If you are unfamiliar you can look it up here.

Mine is over here at this link. I thought I’d share what I’d written here as well.



Tchaikovsky’s tune took them to tears. Totality tore through their torrential times. Together, they took to the temple. Together, they took their termination.

Terrible timeworn tyranny tromped through telltale tolerance taking terrified thousands. Terse troops treated them to trenchant truths.

Time turned tortoise-like, tirelessly tying their terminal truths.

Tearful, tranquil, translucent.

Transcontinental testament trounced the tyrannical triumphantly. Together, truths turned tearful, transformative. Thankfulness thrived. They transcended tenacity.


As Always,

Do Something Good


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