HitRecord Weekly Writing Challenge: Week 34

This week’s challenge was to write a story about a character who was lost.

Here is the link to my Record over at HitRecord. Below is my entry.


Because of Her…

The depth at which I was lost will haunt me forever. The clouds were dense and blinding me from hope. I struggled to relocate the path. It was clear of debris and easy to navigate, but now vanished from memories.

I had taken a wrong turn. The thorns left deep scars and the absence of light became customary. I spun truths out of hurtful lies, to no one more than myself. I rejected warmth and cursed assistance.

I was lost. This was my truth until the end of time.

Her light punched through the clouds like bursts of moonlight and funneled me down a different trail, one that I had not seen prior but felt familiar all the same.

I will never understand why I deserved to be found. The wheel of fate twisted in my favor. Returning to life, I strode neither the difficult nor the simple path. They were not mine to travel.

My own was of freedom while walking hand in hand, releasing the burden of my mind and everything I was. Small pieces of me will forever be lost. The parts that remain will be here evermore, loved despite the scars.

Because of her, I am no longer lost.


As Always,
Do Something Good


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