An Opinion on Racism & the Death Penalty

If you don’t like reading foul language I suggest you skip this entry. I won’t make a habit of it.

I’m writing this because I have a feeling it’s going to be brought up in the next few weeks. There was a terrible shooting in Charleston, South Carolina this week when a young white guy shot nine black people in a church. This blog isn’t about that, it’s about what comes next.


{Actually, I do have one comment on the shooting. If you’re racist, go fuck yourself. Seriously, just stop pretending to be a functioning human. You aren’t needed in this country. The ignorance it takes to be racist (or sexist or homophobic) is far below the line of what I consider a “normal human.” For me, it’s harder to fathom than the size of our universe.

You are a low life piece of shit if you don’t think people on this planet are born with the right to be treated like every other human. As time goes on, people make their own decisions and on that fact alone, we can begin to judge them for their actions.}


Moving on…

I mentioned on Twitter that the media would handle this shooting as they do everything else. Once he was caught, they would turn the attention to gun control and race relations. It happens every time. Then there is the inevitable discussion of what comes next. Jail or the death penalty?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Known fact: a bag of dicks) was sentenced to death for killing three people and injuring over 250 in Boston. Do you feel a fuck-load better we assigned people and a justice of the peace, to end someone’s life?

Those three people are dead and no longer give a shit what happens to him. If you believe in heaven, they should be at peace and not on a vengeful quest to kill him. Much like funerals, the death penalty is here for the people left behind, and you know who shouldn’t be making decisions to end someone’s life? Emotional humans that want to, “get even.”

Eventually, Dylann Roof (Known fact: racist asshole) is going to be tried and found guilty. There are already articles on him facing the death penalty. What does this accomplish? Does it help race problems in this country? No, it doesn’t (and yes there are race issues still despite it being two thousand and fucking fifteen).

If someone is capable of shooting people, much less in a church after he prayed with them, they aren’t going to change their mind next time because someone was sentenced to death. It’s like telling a teenager they can’t go out this weekend. Once you say that, they will do everything in their effort to figure out a way. Like teenagers, racists are idiots.

Sending someone to their death deters people that are of sound mind who in turn aren’t people that would go into a church or mall or school and open fire. If you have thought, “Well sometimes people you would never expect go and do something crazy,” then those people are fucking nuts! Maybe you didn’t see it, but some sort of chemical imbalance drives them to do this.

To wrap this whole thing up, I naturally started doing some research on the death penalty, and what countries still employ it. Not every state in America allows capitol punishment, but it is still legal in this country. Below is a map I want you to look at.


The countries in red still utilize the death penalty. Orange is not used in practice or hasn’t been used in more than ten years. Bright green means it has been abolished for all crimes except special circumstance like war crimes. The darker green (most of the fucking planet) means it has been abolished for all crimes.

The first thing I noticed was the huge green chunk over the northeastern side of the map. That huge land mass is Russia. Fucking Russia! The same people we currently paint as “bad guys” of the world. Just mark it down they have one less type of punishment than we do. (Side note, technically the idea of the death penalty is only suspended in Russia, but they don’t plan to bring it back.)

The second and most important thing is the big red blotch covering America. Notice the other red countries. It includes but is not limited to, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, and almost the entire Middle East.

For the most part, the countries we’re at war with, or claim to use archaic laws, and have terrible human rights violations, all have the same thing in common with our wonderful country. We all think people should be killed for killing someone else.

This is ultra-cliché, but Gandhi basically said an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Fighting fire with fire is cool in the movies, but not in reality. This kid, because that’s what he is, is fucked up. Maybe he did it because of his parents, or social media, or bullying, but deep down none of those things matter. He did it because he was a racist. He didn’t like someone’s skin color, so he took it upon himself those people no longer needed to exist on this planet.

As much as you may want his life to end, please turn your cell phone off and sit down and think about what his death will accomplish. It’s the same thing with the guy in Colorado that shot up the movie theater. Lock them up in a cell with no windows and let them realize their consequences for horrible actions. It may not take a year or two, but when he’s eighty two and sitting on his cold steel bed and realizes the majority of his life was spent in a concrete cell, he’ll know what we know already.

Taking someone’s life is never the answer.

This doesn’t fix the problem, but maybe it’s a step.

That’s all I have in me. There is no way I can tackle every issue related to this problem but I hope you got something out of this. I’m always open to discussing further.


Do Something Good,

3 thoughts on “An Opinion on Racism & the Death Penalty

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  2. Okay, I’m sick and so is my 10-month old son (hence me being up), he went back to bed but now I’m up for the day lol but I digress. Good Morning, fantastic post and I would like to add that we have the highest incarceration rate for non-violent and non-sexual offenses in the world… what?!? yes the WORLD! Just to think about it could make your head explode… @ the end of the day, every president has had their hand in the pot… haha some play on words there but again I digress.. In my humble opinion, the perfect song to listen to while reading this: Change by Tracy Chapman. Also a perfect song for my most favorite character in the universe, The Doctor… Doctor Who? I feel he would even have some trouble with our society & our decisions- Like the french in Sept. of 2001…too soon? Fun Fact: my son loves the intro to Doctor Who. lol Okay, I’m done, Mr. Weaver I love your posts and would love to read more. Thank you for inputs on current events and I would like to know when that coffee shop will be put up w/ open mic night.

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