Unplanned Blog Post on a Saturday Night

Ron regrets nothing

I’m not sure what this is but I feel like writing something, not really putting a ton of editing into it, and going from there. It’s some random thoughts too long for Twitter but maybe not long enough for a “blog post,” and I’m listening to the ‘Leftovers’ soundtrack which is highly motivating. Whatever this is, here we go…


1.) I think I have a problem with accepting money is always the number one motivation when it comes to entertainment of all kinds. I don’t mean the artist behind a painting or an author scribbling words for a novel.

2.) Rowan Blanchard is exactly the sort of teenager you want your daughter or son to be like. If you don’t know her, it means you aren’t watching Girl Meets World (The second most uplifting show besides traveling through time and space). Yes, I’m 32 and my wife is…above the age of a teenager and we have watched every episode. This is why you should love her and we should model every human after her going forward.

3.) Parks & Recreation is one of my favorite shows, ever, of all time, for the rest of the time we have left in the universe, which should give you a major hint at my other favorite…and for the love of science, if you don’t get that hint read this and this and this and especially this…moving on. Watch Parks & Rec and please, please, please, please give it a chance until the last handful of episodes in season two.

4.) That’s enough. I’m working on my writing a lot, so my blog posts have been lacking. I seem, for the time, to be slightly more active on my Facebook page and I’m always on Twitter, which is not safe for work and possibly offensive…enjoy!

As always,

Do Something Good,



If you already like Parks & Rec…watch this: http://www.hulu.com/watch/602817

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