My 31 Scary Stories from Last October

Slender Man

Last October I took up a challenge for myself. The goal was to write 31, two sentence stories, for Halloween. I would post one per day at 8:15pm every evening. I got a lot of welcomed feedback so I put them all in one place for anyone to read. Your imagination may be needed when reading.

I also have a similar plan for this Halloween so keep your eyes open for more stories around the last week of October. I’ll try to up the intensity of the overall story based on the feedback I was given. Things may get squeamish.




#1 of 31

She served him a warm home cooked meal after a hard day of work. He was unaware to the fact their son had been missing since last night.


#2 of 31

When I got out of the shower, I had three missed calls and a voicemail from my mother. She died 12 years ago.


#3 of 31

They entered their home to the sound of a crying baby which soon turned to laughter. They wondered how many days after the abortion this would go on.


#4 of 31

She leaped high and arched her body into a dive, breaking the surface of the warm water. As she came up for air, a thick sheet of ice blocked her way.


#5 of 31

A man awoke the only survivor from a plane crash onto a deserted island. It wasn’t until a growl emanated from the jungle that he realized his body was paralyzed from the neck down.


#6 of 31

She latched the deadbolt and twisted the door knob to make sure it was fastened. If only she had checked the windows, she may have known it was waiting in her bedroom.


#7 of 31

They drove the Impala down a dead end, looking for a blue house. The road never ended.


#8 of 31

The clown twirled and shot water from the flower on his lapel. She watched from under the grandstand and wondered which of his limbs she would saw off first.


#9 of 31

She whispered his name as he rolled over and brushed his lips against her neck. It took him a second too long to realize her voice had come from the bathroom.


#10 of 31

She drove on a long, flat road for hours as a man with a beard passed by in a red truck. That same man had passed her six times already.


#11 of 31

She was fixing her hair in the mirror and added some last second eyeliner. When she stood back to look at her reflection, it winked with approval.


#12 of 31

He was tossed over the bridge with a cinder-block around his ankle. The girl wanted to see if Daddy could breathe under water.


#13 of 31

Each day, pounds upon pounds of meat left the slaughterhouse for the local markets. It had been twelve years since a cow was last delivered for butchering


#14 of 31

The little girl sat frozen in the middle of her bed. She didn’t believe her father was in the closet, no matter how much he pleaded with her for help.


#15 of 31

The masked man stabbed down, piercing my heart. As blood leaked out and everything turned black, I knocked the mask off and saw a younger version of my face staring back.


#16 of 31

Her husband traced his hand down her side and tickled her from behind. As she turned to stop him, he walked in from the kitchen.


#17 of 31

Each day the scarecrow was a little bit closer to his house. On the seventeenth day it watched over him while he woke up.


#18 of 31

She was up all night again vomiting in the toilet, and he had an early business meeting. Instead of holding her hair and rubbing her back, he decided to hold her head down until she went limp.


#19 of 31

On the inside, he was the man in black walking across an endless desert dying of thirst and hunger. On the outside, he was cloaked in white and surrounded by a padded room.


#20 of 31

When they lifted the casket, the handles snapped and her body tumbled out. People gasped in horror, not at the body but at her bloody stumped fingers and the claw marks on the inside of the coffin.


#21 of 31

She walked into the office apologizing for her tardiness; mentioning a car accident. It was only when she looked in the mirror at her desk; she saw the shard of glass sticking out of her brain.


#22 of 31

He pleaded with them to stop but they had found him guilty. The lady in white struck a match and the last image he saw was the fire burning through his eyelids.


#23 of 31

They dragged him by the ankles down a damp and rusty hallway. They threw him in room 42 and instead of it being lined with needles; it was covered in black widow spiders.


#24 of 31

As she started removing his teeth, molars first, he began to pass out. Regrettably for him she had plenty of smelling salts to keep him awake.


#25 of 31

He wasn’t sure what was worse. Not hearing the man with the ax sneak up behind him, or being able to see his own body without a head.


#26 of 31

The tall creature without a face hovered over her bed. Thankfully it had taken away the feeling in her body; otherwise she would have felt its teeth when they closed around her feet.


#27 of 31

He stepped into the darkness of his basement door and fell face first down to the cold concrete. She had removed the steps, now it was time to remove his skin.


#28 of 31

He dug until it was pitch black outside and the moon had disappeared. He tossed his wife into the hole, followed by the child she had claimed was his.


#29 of 31

He was locked inside an airtight room and poisoned. He couldn’t stop vomiting up green slime and the room was starting to fill.


#30 of 31

“Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it!” he yelled. He dove off the rooftop reaching for the sleigh and splattered across the street as children were coming out of school for Halloween.


#31 of 31

Every year she checked her daughter’s candy and always stole a Twix for herself. She should have checked more carefully for the needle her daughter left as a surprise.


See you at the end of the month!

As Always,

Do Something Good


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